Announcing – the “Fingerstyle Favorites” iPad Mini Winner!

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who bought “Fingerstyle Favorites” last week! If you purchased between July 8 – 15, 2014 you were automatically entered to win an iPad Mini.

Here is the Prize Drawing – Captured on Video…
It’s about 5 minutes long, and I want you to see how I did the drawing. A few of you asked how I would do the drawing so that it was fair and random.

Watch Now to find out if YOU won:

4 Tips for Keeping Your Guitar Arrangements Under Your Fingers

A student just asked me the question from the “Ask Adam” page.

“Adam…..I have a problem of remembering songs I’ve already learned
when they haven’t been played in a couple of weeks…usually when I’m
concentrating on new material. How do you keep it all under your fingers?”

When I learn a new song, or am writing a song I have to almost have to “forget” every other song I know.

For example, I recently came up with an arrangement for “Killing me Softly” and I had to
play nothing but that song for a week.

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For Fingerstyle Guitarists – Effects & Tapping vs Melody

Two Hand Guitar Tapping

This weekend I got a chance to listen to some wonderful young guitar players, but it brought me back to an issue I try to explain over and over when I teach workshops.

Many fingerstyle guitarists today are forgetting about the most important aspect of music – melody. I think this is due to a basic lack of musical study, and the lack of asking the basic question “what is music?”

Without an inquiry into what music actually is, one can get lost by simply copying whats trendy and popular on Youtube and in magazines.
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2014 – Adam Rafferty – Russia Tour Dates Just Added

Hi Gang,

For all my Russian fans, friends and fellow guitarists, here is the information I have for the upcoming Russia tour dates.

Adam Rafferty Russia 2014

  • 15 of MAY Kurgan, Shastokovich college of music starts 18:00
  • 16 of MAY Shadrinsk, Theater of Drama , starts 19 00
  • 18 of MAY St. Petersburg, Erarta modern arts museum , TBA
  • 19 of MAY Samara, Palace of culture « Zheleznodorozhnikov « TBA
  • 20 of MAY Moscow Centralniy dom hudozhnika 20:00

For a current list of ALL tour dates, please visit the TOUR page!

How to Stay Focused and Finish Big Projects – A Brick a Day

I have been working on some long term secret projects that I hope to unveil in the months ahead, and the following has been on my mind.

Maybe this applies to you too…

How Can We Stay Motivated to Finish Big Projects?

When we work on something “new” and exciting…it’s easy to start, but hard to follow through and finish.

After the excitement and newness loses it’s glitter dust, the hard work really starts.
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Spring Tour 2014 & New Video “Just the Two Of Us”

Hey Gang!

2014 Spring Tour Dates

I just wanted to drop a quick post to let you know that starting March 14, 2014 I will be on tour for about 8 weeks throughout Germany, Austria, Poland and Russia…

Lots of fun & fingerpicking will be had!

Hope to see you at a concert – please check the TOUR PAGE for details.

New Video!

And by the way, here is the latest video in case you haven’t seen it – “Just the Two of Us…”



Should You Use Classical or Fingerstyle Guitar Technique?

I get a lot of emails asking questions like :

  • “I play classical guitar and I find it hard to play with a thumbipck.”
  • “I studied classical guitar for years and I just can’t get the groove right.”
Fransisco Tarrega

Fransisco Tarrega

A great classical guitar technique is a thing of beauty – and I worked on it
a long time.

However, for “African” based music, you need an entirely different “touch”. The “groove” is built into the “touch”. You can’t separate the two.

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