Learn How To “Weave” Jazz Lines Through Jazz Chord Changes Quickly and Easily!

“”How to Create Single Note
Jazz Guitar Lines That
Outline Chord Changes” ”

How to Create Single Note Jazz Guitar Lines that Outline Chord Changes

Discover how to easily and effortlessly solo over ii-v-i,
“Rhythm Changes”, and “Giant Steps”…

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If you are a

  • Hobby Guitarist
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  • Advanced Guitarist
  • Guitar Teacher
  • Jazz Guitarist
  • Pop / Rock / Funk Guitarist
  • Classical Guitarist

Stop playing empty “licks”! Now, You can now Learn HOW to really Imrpovise Your Own Guitar Lines Over Jazz “Chord Changes”…

First, Ask Yourself The Following:

  • Do YOU want to expand YOUR jazz vocabulary?
  • Do YOU want to play solo lines over “tricky changes” with ease and fluidity?
  • Do YOU want to play music YOUR OWN WAY, rather than through imitation?
  • Do YOU want to feel more confident in various playing situations?
  • Do YOU want to be able to digest new tunes more Quickly and Easily?
  • Do YOU want to feel comfortable when you “jam” with new people?
  • Do YOU want to have a “jump start” on tunes like “Giant Steps” and “Rhythm Changes?”

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • You’ll get a 104 + page spiral bound book (lays flat on your music stand)
  • You’ll get 189 of the books musical examples as MP3 downloads so you can hear them at the touch of a button!
  • You’ll get a step by step method, included with Homework assignments at the end of each chapter
  • You’ll get example solos with full explanations for Coltrane’s "Giant Steps"
  • You’ll get example solos with full explanations for "Rhythm Changes"
  • You’ll get several II-V-I lines in both major and minor keys
  • You’ll get practice chord progressions to "plug your lines" into
  • You’ll get to see how pianistic, choir like harmonies fits on guitar
  • You’ll get loads of personal insights throughout the course
  • You’ll get solid practice techniques – so that you can get the most out of even a short practice session
  • You’ll get a full-blown explanation of when to use notes outside the harmony vs. notes inside the harmony in creating solo lines
  • You’ll get "absorbtion techniques" which "force" you ears, eyes, fingers and brain to absorb new harmonic material
    – at warp speed!

“You put it together in a usable form
for guitar guys!”

Lewis Mock

"Adam, Thank you for another great workshop and an AWESOME new Book!

I really admire your abilities not only as a guitar player but as a teacher. You just get to the guys. You seem to have no insecurities about any of it and you are so encouraging.
I've been working on the new book and can already see something happening. My Dad, who was a great piano player, told me before he died 'really, everything you need is in here.' Of course I never understood how to get piano concepts onto the guitar.
It is so great that you put it together in a usable form for guitar guys. I think you are really on to something. Thank you for unlocking some new, awesome territory for me.
You are the best Adam, thank you. Your faithful student, Lewis Mock"

Lewis Mock
Colorodo Springs, CO

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How to Create Single Note Jazz Guitar Lines that Outline Chord Changes

You’ll get 189 mp3 files so you can
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