Practicing Guitar and Your “Happy” Brain Chemicals…

The Brain on DopamineThis is a pretty taboo subject, but let’s dive in.

I recently got an email from a reader saying:

“Hi Adam. I’m going through a phase where I can’t find any I situation or have as much fun playing as I used to. Have you got any idea or any tips or me to get back into it? Thanks – Mick”

Musicians are human, and all of us have ups & downs because it is built into our system. When we have ups & downs, much of “how we feel” has do do with the presence or absence of certain naturally produced brain chemicals.

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How to Achieve Maximum Confidence for Performing Fingerstyle Guitar

Guitar Hands
Performing fingerstyle guitar on stage can be nerve-racking.

Something you have played perfectly at home suddenly “falls apart” when you try to get on stage and do it in front of people.

For my first few years touring, my hands would shake on stage too, so don’t worry – it’s normal.

I’m going to show you how to solve this problem.

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Don’t Wash Your Face Before a Fingerstyle Guitar Gig!

I have a tip you will thank me for later, and it’s all about right hand fingerstyle guitar technique.

Don’t wash your face before you play a gig.


Yes that’s right. Don’t wash your face.

It’s a great tip that my classical teacher showed me when I was 15 years old, and somehow my memory served it up the other night as I was going on stage.

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Adam Rafferty Rethinks Recording CDs & Distribution

Note: This article is NOT a gripe & whine session. It’s an inquiry of “what should musicians do now that the game has changed?”

  • Below I will outline 12 points.
  • Items 1 – 6 diagnose “the problem” with doing things the old way in the today’s environment (it’s a mismatch)
  • Items 7 – 11 become solution oriented, so yes there is hope! (we have to think differently)
  • Item 10 is my big AHA moment and I describe what I may do next

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Practicing Music or Practicing Guitar Technique – What’s Better?

Adam Rafferty guitar technique
Often when we hear a soulful musical performance we can’t imagine that the “wonderful music” had to be practiced technically.

Even though we are “feeling it” as listeners, much more than “feelings” had to go in to it.

Master musicians look at music from all angles, musical and technical.

Master musicians love it all…music and technique. They go together.

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Announcing – the “Fingerstyle Favorites” iPad Mini Winner!

Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who bought “Fingerstyle Favorites” last week! If you purchased between July 8 – 15, 2014 you were automatically entered to win an iPad Mini.

Here is the Prize Drawing – Captured on Video…
It’s about 5 minutes long, and I want you to see how I did the drawing. A few of you asked how I would do the drawing so that it was fair and random.

Watch Now to find out if YOU won:

4 Tips for Keeping Your Guitar Arrangements Under Your Fingers

A student just asked me the question from the “Ask Adam” page.

“Adam…..I have a problem of remembering songs I’ve already learned
when they haven’t been played in a couple of weeks…usually when I’m
concentrating on new material. How do you keep it all under your fingers?”

When I learn a new song, or am writing a song I have to almost have to “forget” every other song I know.

For example, I recently came up with an arrangement for “Killing me Softly” and I had to
play nothing but that song for a week.

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